Get your blekko trading cards here!

Hello World.

Today, we are excited to welcome you to the blekko blog! This is a small corner on the internet where we’ll be keeping you informed on all things blekko. That means details on new products, new features and announcements. It also means a place for us to talk about stuff that we think is cool, funny, interesting, whatever.

To start things off, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak into some of the cool shwag we’ll be giving away at a bunch of tradeshows next month. We commissioned some creative types to do some comic book art and baseball style cards based on blekko and slashtags. What they made blew us away. Here are a couple of examples:

There are 20 different cards so like the old saying goes, collect them all! Oh yeah, the cards also tell you how to get in on the free blekko iPad giveaway that will be happening at each of the shows.

Swing by our booth at SMX West in San Jose, March 8-10, SXSW in Austin, TX, March 14-17, SES in New York City, March 22-23 or Web 2.0, March 29-30 to check out more or to just say hi.¬†We might even give you a free t-shirt too…:)

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14 Responses to Get your blekko trading cards here!

  1. Matt Jordan says:

    Umm, ok. Can’t decide if these are stupid or awesome. How about we go with stupidly awesome. Anyway to get these besides going to the shows?

  2. Forwardslash says:

    Wait, is that card correct? Can you get a blekko t-shirt by e-mailing our name and address to you?

  3. Nana-B says:

    You have some awesome creative types!

  4. cheralyn says:

    Matt Jordan – If you order a free shirt we are including a few cards, while supplies last. Email your t-shirt size and mailing address to

    Forwardslash – Yes, you can get a free shirt by emailing your t-shirt size and mailing address to We have men’s and women’s t-shirts, so let us know which one you would like.

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  6. Blake says:

    These are outstanding – Can’t wait to pick up some at SXSW next week~

  7. Eric Strate says:

    You had me at trading cards ;) Free brings everyone out of the woodwork. Great marketing. I love seeing Blekko make the giants change their algorithms.

  8. seo pimp says:

    You guys thought of speaking at Rand’s Mozinar from SEOmoz? It would be a great way to get in front of 100′s of SEOs. SEOMoz

  9. I found about your site on yahoo and read a few of your early posts. I hope you will continue the very good work. I just added your RSS feed to Feedburner. I’m seeing forward to reading more from you later on!

  10. Outstanding information indeed. My boss has been searching for this update

  11. Joseph Volcy says:

    Awesome cards.. Think the ‘gun/parenting’ one is the coolest ;)

  12. Excellent post, very informative and look forward to reading your blog posts in the future. Blekko is a trendsetter, impressive work you do. Thank you for sharing for insights.

  13. Nice cards for blekko trading. It saves a lot of time and give good returns. thanks

  14. Snap says:

    This Search engine gives me lot of suppport in SEO many congragulate to Blekkon Team , i want to be a part of it :)