/blekkogear: Free Widgets, Toolbars, Badges and T-Shirts!

Today we launched /blekkogear where you can get blekko site badges, toolbars, widgets, t-shirts and trading cards, all for free!

  • Getting ‘Rick Rolled’ was so 2009, get ‘Link Rolled’ in 2011! The link roll widget allows you to see who is linking to your site.
  • Drop in our embeddable search box and help your site users search your site or your favorite slashtags.
  • Join the crusade against spam and download the blekko toolbar for your web browser! It allows you to search blekko, view site’s SEO statistics and mark sites as spam.
  • If you haven’t already, make blekko your default search engine.
  • Want some instant web cred? The blekko site badge displays our site rank score and the number of inbound links.
  • So you’re one of those RSS reader types. Generate RSS feeds for any search term or slashtag.
  • Want to look Silicon Valley chic? We’ll give you the shirt off our back! Free blekko t-shirts for everyone!
  • For a limited time we have some awesome blekko trading cards to collect. Act now!

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2 Responses to /blekkogear: Free Widgets, Toolbars, Badges and T-Shirts!

  1. Tech Crates says:

    Wow… these tools are awesome !! I mostly like the inbound link widget and seo badge

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    This is one of the many reasons I absolutely love Blekko. My friends & I took advantage of the t-shirts, so you’ll have a strong presence in Tarpon Springs, FL!!