Blekko Closes $30M Funding – Yandex Strategic Investor

Big day here at blekko! We are thrilled to announce that we closed our $30 million funding round and we’ve added a terrific new strategic investor to the company: Yandex.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yandex, it is the leading internet company in Russia, where it not only operate the country’s most popular search engine, but also the most visited website. According to TechCrunch, “in 2010 the company generated 64% of all search traffic in Russian, trumping Google.” A few months ago they completed a successful IPO. The Yandex team has been in the search business since the early 90′s and knows this industry (and what it takes to win) as much as anyone.

If their investment in this round isn’t one of the best endorsements of blekko and our mission, I don’t know what is. Our history with Yandex started at a conference in Moscow earlier this year, where our CTO Greg* was speaking. Several more meetings and two trips to Moscow later – these guys do their homework – we had a new investor.

Yandex is one of two new investors we added with this round. The other is MLC Private Equity, an Australian based investor. It’s hard to believe that after only 10 months of being live, we have enough international awareness to drive investments from Australia and Moscow. But that’s where we are – and with the completion of this round, we’re only getting started.

We have a lot more cool stuff planned for the coming months and years that we will be talking about later. But for now, we’re more than thrilled to celebrate the addition of these new partners.
* Greg is the one who almost accidentally pre-announced our deal at the TC Disrupt Hackathon. One of the roving reporters noticed he had these weird stickers on his keyboard and asked about them (fast forward to the 12:50 mark in the video). Greg successfully danced around the fact that they were Cyrillic stickers, as he is learning Russian.

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  1. Julian says:

    Congrats on the deal! I am sure the extra money and computing power will come in handy.