Librarians Love Blekko

Computers in Libraries 2012

And blekko loves them back. You may have heard by now that our Content Team has a strong foundation in Library and Information Science. Librarians build taxonomies and dig ontologies. Librarians understand the complexities of organizing data and disseminating information. At blekko, this knowledge drives the creation of slashtags which in turn intersect our web results.

Picture the summer of 2011 in New Orleans. The American Library Association (ALA) conference is in full swing and a great deal of the revelers on Bourbon Street are librarians in town for the meeting. Blekko is there, attending our first library conference. Since then, we have made it a point to attend all the major meetings. Why, you may ask, does blekko sponsor and attend library conferences?

Our search engine appeals to librarians because of our focus on curating high quality content – similar to a librarian directing people to better resources. In our case, our resources are slashtags. The things that matter most to our librarian users are the advanced privacy features, especially handy when used in schools, and a more protected search in general. Here are some more qualities and features they appreciate about blekko:

1. We are a free and customizable service, making slashtag technology accessible to all users.

2. Blekko returns targeted results based on quality rather than SEO. We meet librarians’ needs by offering a variety of trusted resources that are easy to distinguish.

3. Librarians can embed our search engine into their respective domains.

4. Libraries can adopt custom slashtags.

5. The slashtag directory and our indices.

6. Advanced search features such as /date and /daterange. Try out /edu and /gov to search only .edu and .gov sites.

Useful Slashtags for Librarians

We make it easy for librarians to stay up-to-date on the latest news in librarianship. If users want to know what kind of programming for teens other libraries are offering, they can do a targeted search for “teens /librarianship /date”.

Users have the option of doing a straight web search or searching exclusively within a given slashtag. You don’t have to be familiar with our slashtags to get great web results. If a query is relevant to a slashtag, we will integrate slashtag content to improve the quality of the search results.

When you enter the query “research libraries”, it is easy to see which sites are in the /libraries slashtag. Boosting slashtags not only improves results, but also offers a visual cue to provide higher confidence in our results. Since librarians serve populations with a wide range of needs, these topical slashtags are quite useful. They may be assisting students with research projects (“us constitution”, “cure for cancer research”) or directing a community member to job resources (“sample resumes”).

Based on feedback we’ve received at the various library conferences, here are some well-loved slashtags amongst the library set:

We will be exhibiting at the library conferences this summer. If you’re attending, drop by the booth for a demo and a free t-shirt!

Upcoming Conferences:
Medical Libraries Association, May 19-22, Seattle
American Librarian Association Annual Conference, June 22-25, Anaheim
Special Libraries Association, July 15-18, Chicago

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