Own the Water Cooler: Boost Your Traffic with ROCKZi

We launched ROCKZi to help bring communities of like-minded people together to discuss and comment on relevant and timely content. Hot on the heels of “Create a Board,” we are taking it to the next level and giving you the tools to embed fully customizable ROCKZi boards on your own website. Social content, people. About any topic. On your site.

Example of a ROCKZi board on a website.

We believe discussions on topical content are best served where experts reside. ROCKZi’s “embed” feature provides a powerful platform to bring content, conversations and traffic back to site owners. All the content is pre-wired into the holy trinity of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) – so when you add a ROCKZi board to your site, every share, tweet, and pin will drive links and traffic directly to your site, not rockzi.com. Go ahead, you can say it. That ROCKZ!

There are a lot of social news sites and aggregators out there. We want to provide you with a toolkit to add the functionality of social sites onto your own website. Adding a board requires very little effort, yet the feature is chock-full of easy-to-use tools that allow you to create boards based on your interests and customize them to fit your brand. You can even feature your own original content. It’s a fantastic way to share your voice and perspective on what you care about.

You can find the “Embed” button under the title, in the center.

Quick and easy customization tools!

Customized, primed, and ready to go!

Have a tech blog? Embed Geekery. Do you write for a website about parenting? Add ParentZ. Or as we mentioned, tailor the board to your site by creating one from scratch. Own your expertise, engage users, keep them coming back for more!

Here are a variety of websites that have put ROCKZi’s functionality on their site. Go ahead and give it a try - add a board on your site and let us know what you think!

Earth Echo - marine and environmental awareness
Beats for Boobs - breast cancer awareness
Faculty eCommons (1) - online course enhancements
Faculty eCommons (2) - learning technology tools
Guitar Shop TV - guitars and music scene
Bikelane.com - cycling
BottleCount- wine
BurnsMoto - motorcycles
Curious Bits - arts and culture
Glinka - classical music
Photodrug - photography
Reagan News - conservative politics
Sutherland Gold - tech
We Are Notre Dame - Notre Dame football

See it in action right here!


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