A new blekko search tutorial

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There is a new blekko search tutorial over on the blekko help website. It starts with the basics and then describes blekko’s advanced features, most of which do things which you just can’t do on any other search engine!

It will teach you about:

  • search basics
  • using slashtags to improve your results
  • creating your own custom, curated slashtags
  • using exclusive, boosted, and auto-boosted slashtags
  • using date-sort and date-range slashtags
  • using blekko to create alerts and rss feeds
  • embedding blekko search boxes (even with custom slashtags!) on your website

Please give it a look, and let us know if you found it helpful! You can contact us on twitter (@blekko), email (support@blekko.com), or by leaving a comment here.

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Greg is the CTO of blekko
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2 Responses to A new blekko search tutorial

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  2. David Quaid says:

    Gotta say Greg – I really like Blekko – its really fast and the results are great! Well done! This is the best search engine since Google (and better) – I would love to see you guys take off!