izik: Take Search for a Joy Ride on Your Tablet

We are giddy to announce the launch of izik, our new search app built specifically with the iPad and Android tablets in mind. With izik, every search on your tablet is transformed into a beautiful, glossy page that utilizes rich images, categories, and, of course, gesture controls. Check it: so much content, so many ways to explore.

Tablets are increasingly getting integrated into our lives, so we wracked our noggins to figure out how we could use our search technology to optimally serve tablet users. Not surprisingly, our research revealed that tablets take on a very different role in our lives than laptops and desktops. Laptops are for work; tablets are for fun. Laptops are task-oriented (“what’s the capital of Bulgaria?”); tablets are more exploratory (“what’s Jennifer Lopez doing these days?”).

So, our goal with izik was to move the task-oriented search product we all use on our computers (aka 10 blue links) and turn it into a more fun, tablet-appropriate product. That means an image-rich layout with an appearance and experience very different than what we’re used to seeing on a laptop.


Type Less, Get More
izik is more than just a pretty face, though it sure is pretty! With izik, your query becomes the starting point to exploring the web. Every query surfaces its own unique set of categories that you can dive into. Type “Kate Middleton” and see results from Gossip, Fashion and more; type “San Francisco” and see results from Sports, News, Travel, Hotels and more.

These categories are what allow you to, as we like to say, type less but get more. Many folks, our team included, find typing on tablets cumbersome. izik is designed to get you the results you’re looking for in as few “keystrokes” as possible. izik uses its categories to provide context to your topic (did you mean buffalo the animal or buffalo the city?) as well as surface fun and interesting topics to assist in your exploration.

One of our favorite times to use izik is when we’re watching TV and want to look up that actor’s bio (we admit it, our tablet is our TV viewing companion). Or when we’re doing some “window shopping” and want to check out sales and reviews. Or sometimes when we just want to flip through some pretty pictures. It really is amazing what you can explore.


Tablet Gestures
Let’s talk about how to use izik for a magical experience. I love a good list, don’t you? Here are the key features you can check out once you’ve entered a topic:

1. Swipe horizontally to view more results within one of the thousands of izik categories
2. Swipe vertically on the page to find more categories related to your topic
3. Expand any result to see more without leaving the page
4. Swipe through expanded results and images
5. Quick answer boxes that help you find what you need right away
6. Pinch to share on Facebook and Twitter

The app is free and ready to download now for iPad and Android. Experience izik for yourself and take Search for a joy ride!

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