izik Debuts as #1 Free Reference App on iTunes

“Anyone who uses their iPad to search the Internet for info should try Izik for an alternative to common search apps such as Google.” – Appolicious

We launched izik, our search app for tablets, last Friday and are amazed at the responses we’ve received! Thanks to our users, on day one izik was the #1 free reference app on iTunes and #49 free app overall. Yesterday we were mentioned twice in the New York Times, here and here (also in the B1 story in print). We are delighted that there is such a strong desire to see something fresh and new in search, and that our vision with izik is so well received.

The twitterverse has been especially active in spreading the word about izik. We’ve seen a lot of comments about the beautiful design and interface, the useful categories, and most importantly the high quality results that make izik a truly viable choice for searching on tablets.

In addition to the press listed at the bottom of our last blog post, here are more reviews and honorable mentions that have rolled in:

Search Engine Watch
Cult of Mac
Skrenta Blog (from our very own CEO)
Cosmic VC
New York Times
New York Times Bits Blog

But what better way to learn about izik than to try it out on your own Android tablet or iPad? If you like what you see, please encourage your friends to give it a whirl and help us move the search market forward.

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates (teaser: we have a mobile phone app in the works).

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