Blekko Launches Izik For Smartphones

izik_promoIt’s a familiar dilemma: you and your friends go to see the latest blockbuster movie only to find it completely sold out. Now you must decide on which of the remaining movies to see and can’t agree on which one. Some of the films you know, others you’ve never heard of before. In the few minutes you have to decide, you want to quickly learn more about the movies before forking over $12 to buy a ticket. You want to know a movie’s plot, its cast, critical reviews, pictures, video clips, recent news about the movie and more. You’re looking for multiple pieces of information on the movie and need a tool that organizes search results into categories to help you find what you need quickly and painlessly, and without clicking through multiple tiny blue links.

Enter izik for smartphones.

Back in January blekko released izik, a search app designed for the iPad, Android and Nook tablets. izik brought beautiful, glossy pages to the search experience, mixing rich imagery within a variety of topical categories, all navigable utilizing gesture controls such as swipes, pinch-to-zoom, tapping and more to help the user quickly access the search results they need. Since releasing izik for the tablet, our users have frequently asked when blekko would release a version for the smartphone. We have listened to our users and today we are very proud to announce the release of izik for iPhone and Android. Many of the same features for the tablet as described above can also be found in the mobile phone version, all utilizing the smaller real estate common on most mobile phone screens.

But mobile phones are not tablets, and we believe people use them for very different reasons and in different places. While tablets are more focused on media consumption around the home and office, mobile phones serve more as a tool to help you on the go, while also helping pass the time in line at the supermarket and post office. With this in mind, we have added a new feature to izik for mobile phone called “What’s Nearby.” This tool helps you find popular local establishments close to you such as cafes, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and more, provided you give us permission to use your current location info.

izik for smartphones is just a first step. In the coming months we will be updating and adding features to the app. To help us meet this goal, we would love to hear from you and get feedback on your experiences using izik on your mobile phone. And did I mention it’s free? You can download the app for free at both the iTunes and Google Play app stores today.

So the next time you need to find something quickly while on the go, whether it’s finding out movie info, product reviews, nutritional data at the supermarket or anything else, let izik for mobile phone lead the way to the information you need.

Izik for smartphone can be downloaded at both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Happy searching!


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