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Privacy, Search Engines, and Government Monitoring

With all the recent controversy over US Government data collection, it’s a good time to bring up a privacy concern that every Internet user should have: the information that search engines keep about their users. A large fraction of all … Continue reading

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Cracking the Search Category Problem

We’ve been reading all the articles, reviews, and blog postings about the new izik tablet search app with great interest. The most common questions we’ve been asked are about the categories that we divide the results into: where do they … Continue reading

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blekko donates search data to Common Crawl

At blekko, we believe the web and search should be open and transparent — it’s number one in the blekko Bill of Rights. To make web data accessible, blekko gives away our search results to innovative applications using our API. … Continue reading

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Tech Talk About blekko’s Operations Monitoring Infrastructure

On September 28, I gave a talk at the Surge conference in Baltimore, titled “Monitoring and Debugging Big Clusters Running Real-Time NoSQL Apps”. Here’s the abstract: Running a big NoSQL cluster used for data-mining Map/Reduce jobs in production is challenging, … Continue reading

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A new blekko search tutorial

There is a new blekko search tutorial over on the blekko help website. It starts with the basics and then describes blekko’s advanced features, most of which do things which you just can’t do on any other search engine! It … Continue reading

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Technology at blekko

Whenever I speak at conferences, someone always asks about the technology that drives blekko. Here’s a peek into the scale and the technology behind our search engine. A whole-web search engine needs to crawl and index billions of webpages. It’s … Continue reading

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Powering web apps with the blekko API

You’re familiar with the website, but you might not know that blekko also has an API, which enables programmers to write programs that run searches at blekko, and do interesting things with the results. One well known example is … Continue reading

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Blekko Upgrades SEO Data

Blekko integrated the up-to-date crawl information that powers our search engine index directly into our SEO product offerings. Not only is the data more comprehensive, but there are major improvements in real-time updates to our SEO pages. When it comes … Continue reading

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Searching without PageRank

… implemented in an hour (!) [ Discuss this post on Hacker News ] I recently saw a nice Hacker News discussion about, an experimental search engine that makes it easy to search the web, minus the million most … Continue reading

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Searching the bottom of the web

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