Mozilla accelerates search navigation with blekko

We’re thrilled about the new Add-on the Prospector team at Mozilla Labs created! Back in March the Mozilla team invited us over to their offices to give a brown bag presentation about blekko. Afterwards, some team members approached us with some questions and some ideas to kick around. After a couple of meetings and a bunch of back and forth between our teams, the result is now live! The add-on they built creates a drop down suggestion with a favicon to help identify results faster, saving the user a click. They used our auto-suggest API and Nick here at blekko linked it to our nav query list to obtain the icons.

When you mouse over the suggested sites a preview pane appears for quick referencing without going to the site with a click. Now when you search, blekko can detect from your first letter what you may be searching for. “f” triggers facebook, fandango, frys and food network.

You can save time by searching faster than ever with this new blekko search add-on. Install the add-on in Firefox and make blekko your default search engine in the search bar. Give it a try and you’ll soon be hooked.

Install it today!

Mozilla Labs blogs about it here.

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