Introducing ROCKZi

In life, there are some pairings that just work — wine and cheese, Bowie and Queen, Nutella and pretty much anything. Today, we are pleased to introduce ROCKZi and the beginning of a superb pairing with blekko. Temporal content is incredibly important when featuring both news and search results. ROCKZi is our answer to tackling the search and social divide.

ROCKZi is a news website that features high quality news stories and organizes them by topic — from celebrity gossip to the latest elections updates to water cooler fodder. But people don’t want to simply read news; they want to interact with it. More and more, we are seeing that people want to curate the web, and ROCKZi gives them the right set of tools to curate in a way that is easy and seamless. Everyone reading content on ROCKZi is essentially curating it. By voting up an article, leaving a comment, or submitting links, users are socially driving news and collecting the stories they care about.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the features, shall we? The site is visually pleasing and organized so you can quickly find the type of news you want. Clicking the “this rockz” button automatically puts the article onto your own user board and gives the article more weight in terms of buzz and popularity. You can also submit articles that you want to share with the ROCKZi community and your Facebook friends by clicking the “submit” button on the board, or by using the nifty browser bookmarklet. The bookmarklet allows you to add stories from any website to ROCKZi news boards.

This Rockz← Drag this to your Bookmarks Bar

We are constantly thinking of ways to empower our users to help shape web results. Given our powerful search engine and our editorial perspective on search, we believe we can use the social application of ROCKZi to improve blekko search results. ROCKZi currently has 30 top-level topics, but with the hundreds of existing blekko slashtags, the possibilities are vast. In turn, social signals generated by ROCKZi users will translate into search signals that we can use to identify the highest quality search results.

My favorite boards are MuZe for the latest in the books and art scene, and PopRockZ for entertainment news. Plus, with the Olympics coming up, I’m sure I’ll spend lots of time poring over OlympicZ 2012. How about you? Give ROCKZi a whirl and find your favorite boards. And don’t forget to tell your friends.

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2 Responses to Introducing ROCKZi

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  2. juancvas says:

    This site is awesome, i’ve been watching it for a few time and i find very good, great topics, news and like you mentioned here with high interectivity. I’m a fan now.