Powering web apps with the blekko API

You’re familiar with the blekko.com website, but you might not know that blekko also has an API, which enables programmers to write programs that run searches at blekko, and do interesting things with the results. One well known example is Flipboard, which uses blekko to find feeds of stories about any topic.

We ran across a nice new example over the weekend, thanks to a web app developed at the Rails Rumble 2012 hackathon. The Rails Rumble took place over a 48 hour period last weekend, and one of the teams produced a web application named Earmarkd. Earmarkd built their own custom-curated slashtags to return political results for the left, right, and center (aisle) viewpoints for any topic, from abortion to zygotes.

earmarkd header

Check it out! And if you’re interested in the details of our API, drop us an email to apiauth@blekko.com.

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