99 ROCKZi Boards on the Wall

In one month’s time, what do you get when you launch a new feature and get a nice mention in TechCrunch? In our case we get over 100 websites that have added ROCKZi boards, including NFL team the Houston Texans. Another recent partner is Club Website, a UK football league website service that provides sites for 39,000 teams ranging from youth to semi-pro. Club Website now has ROCKZi boards about UK football on all of their sites. We are obviously excited at this quick and overwhelmingly positive response. We are also thrilled that the value of adding a ROCKZi board to your website is clear – high quality content, pre-wired into social networks, drives traffic.

If you have a website – be it for personal or business use – you can add relevant, compelling content simply by adding a couple of lines of code that we generate for you. Another bonus is that the board activity drives traffic to your site, not ours. You reap the social benefits of every share, up vote, and comment on your embedded board. Try searching under News Boards for your topic of choice, and if it doesn’t yet exist, create one in 20 seconds or less.



You may have read our blog post about the “Embed” feature, and now you’ve seen some examples. But what’s better than checking out other sites? Trying the feature out for yourself!

We hope you’ll join the 100+ sites that have added ROCKZi boards to their websites.

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2 Responses to 99 ROCKZi Boards on the Wall

  1. marwa says:

    such a nice idea but i have one question is it suitable for any kind of sites like small business for example

    • ann says:

      Hi Marwa – so sorry about the slow response. Embedding a ROCKZi board is suitable for any kind of site. It is a great way to feature high quality content and drive traffic. Try it out!