Sit Next to izik at the Super Bowl

The tablet is a great companion when watching TV. The izik search app brings the party to your tablet or iPad while you’re watching the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl may be the biggest televised event in the U.S. and come this Sunday, over 100 million viewers will be watching the game on their TVs. Can you take search for a joy ride with izik during the Big Game? Oh yes, yes you can.

When you’re at a Super Bowl party, izik will enhance the viewing experience and help drive conversations – it’s perfect for looking up quick stats, getting the lowdown on the Harbaugh family legacy, and it’s fun to explore during the slower parts of the game. izik organizes search results into categories, so in the case with the image below you’ll see that with just one search you get content from News and Images to Jerseys and Sports Betting, and more.

Read about the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens while the game is on. Which quarterback has the stronger stats – Kaepernick or Flacco?

This year’s game has an extra element of intrigue – the family rivalry between the two head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh. But the big question on people’s minds is who are the parents rooting for? Expect lots of reaction shots of Lynn and Rick!

For those who show up more for the party than the game, the trifecta of the event is: food, commercials, and the halftime show. First, we have to get our appies squared away. See a recipe for a mouthwatering dish? Expand and share it so the party host can make it!


To many, the commercials are the biggest draw.

Then again with Beyonce performing, the halftime show may be the biggest draw of all for Super Bowl XLVII!


Download izik and take your Super Bowl viewing experience to the next level!

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