New izik Features: Trending, Recent Searches, and Beyond

From the start, we’ve felt that izik offers something beyond a traditional search engine. Our app works so well in exploring content that we want to push the boundaries of what search looks like. We’re striving to make information more contextual to each user and as easy to access as possible.

Our first steps in accomplishing this are showing more types of Trending content and Recent searches on izik for iPad. (Fret not, the latter will be available for Android soon!) Starting today, you can access these new features.


As the Web gets bigger and expands our worlds, it’s tricky to balance being connected and at the same time filter for content that matters to us. We took some of the most popular types of trending categories and made them accessible on the homepage. You will now find Trending Searches, Trending on Twitter, and Trending News Stories.

Trending on Twitter

Trending News

Tap the icons above the trending row to move between categories. See what’s buzzing on the Web, blowing up on Twitter, or hot in the news.

Recent Searches

We often do quick searches on our tablets while moving between activities. Thus, we make your search history easy to return to. Just open the left drawer, tap the search term you want, and you will go back to the search results page.

You always have the option to delete your search history, which you can also do from the left drawer, below the Recent list or under Settings.

Recent Searches

And Beyond

We have features in the works to create search experiences that are more authentic to ourselves by tapping into the way people think in stream-of-consciousness. Stay tuned for features that will further integrate Web exploration with your interests!

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