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The NFL Draft will start this evening and continue through Saturday. We used izik search results to round up some insights into this year’s draft and provide historical background for your reading enjoyment!

Watch live on ESPN or NFL Network.

Start Times:

4/25 – 8pm ET (Round 1)

4/26 – 6:30pm ET (Rounds 2-3)

4/27 – Noon ET (Round s 4-7)

The NFL Draft is held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the first pick this year.

The Baltimore Ravens have the last pick of the first round, as they won the Super Bowl in 2012.

Unlike drafts from the past, this year’s draft is VERY heavy on offensive and defensive lineman. The so-called “skill” positions (like Quarterback, Running Back, and Wide Receiver) are not expected to be the focus of the First Round picks in 2013.

Each team has 10 minutes to make their pick in round one; 7 minutes per selection in round two and 5 minutes in each of the subsequent rounds.

Look out for draft day trades as teams try to move up or down in the draft order. The San Francisco 49ers are most likely to wheel and deal as they have a whopping 13 picks to use in 2013!

The first draft was in 1936 and the idea was conceived in an NFL owners meeting in May of 1935. Bert Bell, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, proposed a system where teams would pick in reverse order of where they had finished the previous season. This idea is still used the modern drafts.

The first player ever selected in 1936 inaugural draft was Jay Berwanger by the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Eagles did not believe they could afford to sign him for the salary he desired ($1,000 a game) and traded the rights of Berwanger to the Chicago Bears.

“Mr. Irrelevant” is the last player picked in the draft. The first player awarded as Mr. Irrelevant was Kelvin Kirk, who was pick number 487 of the 1976 draft. The most notable Mr. Irrelevant may be Ryan Succop, who has been a starting NFL kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2009 and was named to the 2009 All-Rookie team.

The term “War Room” is used to describe where the team draft executives convene in a room to decide which players to pick or which draft choices to trade.

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Hall of Famers who were drafted #1 overall:

Troy Aikman – 1989 (Dallas Cowboys)

Bruce Smith – 1985 (Buffalo Bills)

John Elway – 1983 (Denver Broncos)

Earl Campbell – 1978 (Houston Oilers)

Lee Roy Selmon – 1976 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Terry Bradshaw – 1970 (Pittsburgh Steelers)

OJ Simpson – 1969 (Buffalo Bills)

Ron Yary – 1968 (Minnesota Vikings)

Buck Buchanan – 1963 (Kansas City Chiefs)

Paul Hornung – 1957 (Green Bay Packers)

Chuck Bednarik – 1949 (Philadelphia Eagles)

Charley Trippi – 1945 (Chicago Cardinals)

Bill Dudley – 1942 (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Great players who were drafted LATE:

Tom Brady – 2000 Round 6 (New England Patriots) FUTURE Hall of Famer

Bart Starr – 1956 Round 17 (Green Bay Packers) Hall of Famer

Roger Staubach – 1964 Round 10 (Dallas Cowboys)  Hall of Famer

Deacon Jones – 1961 Round 14 (Los Angeles Rams) Hall of Famer

Steve Largent – 1976 Round 4 (Houston Oilers) Hall of Famer

Mike Webster – 1974 Round 5 (Pittsburgh Steelers) Hall of Famer

Shannon Sharpe – 1990 Round 7 (Denver Broncos) Hall of Famer

Raymond Berry – 1954 Round 20 (Baltimore Colts) Hall of Famer

Richard Dent – 1983 Round 8 (Chicago Bears) Hall of Famer

Terrell Davis – 1995 Round 6 (Denver Broncos)

Marques Colston – 2006 Round 7 (New Orleans Saints)

Dwight Clark – 1979 Round 10 (SF 49ers)

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